Radio Avenir Uncategorized LaDonna is ready to help heal a generation with the release of her EP “The Spiritual Gangsta Trapsoul”

LaDonna is ready to help heal a generation with the release of her EP “The Spiritual Gangsta Trapsoul”

LaDonna is ready to help heal a generation with the release of her EP “The Spiritual Gangsta Trapsoul” post thumbnail image

Hip Hop and R&B are two genres that have been blessed by many scintillating and stunning artists and ideas but none are as electrifying and unique as the notions and introspective conversations evoked by the enigmatic LaDonna. Her project “The Spiritual Gangsta Trapsoul” is an EP that marks the dawn of a new era of self-help that will echo through the ages. Inspired by the innuendos of the deep connection that music has with our state of mind and mental health, the EP allows us a window into finding the beauty and authenticity of affirmations and positive thought expressed in a very real and practical way!

The project is a one of a kind Hip Hop and R&B meditation experience that features some cold bars as well as soothing soft tones over some syncopated rhythms accentuated by melodic vocals. The songs are really a bridge to the gateway of self-discovery and putting mind over matter. The songs are a combination of affirmations and meditation and although the songs are filled with contrasting musical intonations they are all perfect anthems for a daily morning listen to prepare to be the best version of yourself or even to relax and recharge your batteries.

LaDonna N. Smith is a self-made & independent artist and academic who is multifaceted and passionate about mental health. She carries an M.Ed from SUNY Empire State College and is currently completing a dual master’s and Ph.D. in spiritual psychology at the University of Metaphysical Science. Her latest EP also acts as a companion for a new book and inner child healing course curated by LaDonna. The music, books, and courses created by LaDonna are all mental health resources designed to help you heal, grow and find your truest self.

LaDonna has begun to carve out her name in various sectors of education, literature, and entertainment and has emerged as a full package within the industry. Her new album fully encompasses the style of today’s hip hop and R&B music, yet it’s powerful, impactful, and filled with substance and purpose. With her music, LaDonna guides listeners on their healing.

The Spiritual Gangsta Trapsoul is an experimental body of work that showcases LaDonna’s versatility as well as her desire and ability to push the envelope to go beyond the expected. The Spiritual Gangsta Trapsoul is a project that will prove to be a playlist essential and carries with it a dreamy and distinct style that invites the listener to a world where they can be lost in the music but still firmly grounded in reality. The album creates an immersive experience that is truly like no other. Lovers of unique harmonies as well as contrasting flows and basslines will be swept away by LaDonna’s unique and meticulous attention to detail. She is bringing a daring and authentic sound to the table and it is about to get lit!

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