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LaDonna , Music’s Biggest Game Changer

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LaDonna N. Smith (born & raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn) is a multi-faceted songwriter, author, educator, spiritual counselor, & trauma informed therapeutic art coach.

A self-made & independent artist, LaDonna carries an M.ED from SUNY Empire State Collage, and is currently completing a dual masters and Ph.D. in spiritual psychology at the University of Metaphysical Science. Her story-driven, metaphorical lyricism has allowed her to create something fresh and original in the current genres of Hip-Hop and R&B.

Since her early years, LaDonna has been surrounded by music. Growing up in a musical family, her mother was a singer, her paternal grandfather and great-uncles were founding members of a gospel singing group called the Golden Travelers, and one of her uncles is a singer, producer, and songwriter. Music, has been and remains a very powerful means that LaDonna uses to connect with others.

With all her accomplishments in the literary world, she has now set out on the road to make music that will be rewarding to her listeners. All her music is created with the intention to heal and uplift.

Her five-track discography dubbed “The Spiritual Gangsta (Trapsoul),can be used fully as a mental health resource for those in need of spiritual guidance. The EP includes Guided Meditations, Affirmations, Music, and Mantras, all designed to get listeners in the right mindset for healing.

Combining her various skills as an adept songwriter, author, and editor-in-chief of several successful lifestyle magazines, LaDonna has also gone the extra mile to offer workshops, mindset coaching, and holistic healing through her online University, “Inner “G” holistic healing Academy”

As an educationist with a passion for mental health advocacy among African Americans, she offers transformative services like; trauma-informed therapeutic art coaching, and holistic healing modalities including meditation, and inner child healing. Her life’s mission is to help others heal from their past traumas and spread the joy of mindful meditation practices through her music and YouTube channel where she shares resources that can be useful to everyone.

LaDonna is a versatile artist that has mastered the art of using music as the connector between her teachings and today’s generation. She seeks to create music that will connect people from all backgrounds around the globe and wants to push the envelope with her sound and bridge various elements from genres such as; Hip-Hop and R&B into her meditations. Her meditation style is dynamic and well-rounded, which makes her an artist to look out for.

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