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The Dawn of a new Era

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TrappedOut Kimbo is a rapper who is defined by raw talent and authenticity. The enigma is at the center of a new era in Hip Hop. He is carving out a brand new sound that will resonate deeply with audiences across the globe. Born and raised in Tampa FL, TrappedOut Kimbo is doing things that most artists in his city aren’t doing by taking his craft seriously. He also seeks to tell stories with his music and move people.

TrappedOut Kimbo is influenced by greats such as Kevin Gates, Kodak Black, Future, Pop Smoke, and King Von. He sees music as a canvas on which to articulate his thoughts and create timeless works of art. He is an emerging artist who makes music that embodies his hopes and dreams. For the talented musician, music is an art form that is reflective of his experiences, and by using his gift he can fully express himself and deliver a musical experience that is both unique but also engaging, and relatable.

His music is really about everyday life and expressing himself and influencing people to leave their comfort zone. TrappedOut Kimbo is an extremely versatile musician who is able to incorporate, integrate and accentuate his music across a plethora of styles. There is no doubt that TrappedOut Kimbo will have longevity in the industry and become a number 1 artist who has a profound effect on the industry with his multifaceted approach to music.

TrappedOut Kimbo’s latest project is dubbed “Rich FR” and it will connect with audiences on a deeper level and motivate them to achieve their goals in life. TrappedOut Kimbo’s music combines various elements and his ability to switch up his flow makes him a one-of-a-kind artist. His music is filled with relatable topics that are grounded in reality and maintains a very real and authentic feel that is encapsulated by an edgy and trendy modern sound. TrappedOut Kimbo is here to change the game!

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