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Get Ready To Get on the AfroGiRi Wave!

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The ebb and flow of modern day contemporary music is often disrupted by enigmas who dare to challenge the status quo of the industry. T Abiola Ilelaboye who dons the moniker of Scott Giri is a fearless artist, vocalist and trendsetter who cuts across eras and genres with his scintillating natural freestyle vibe that often accompanies an uptempo party mood that moves people to the dancefloor. His ability to switch up his flow and style contrasted by some of the sickest beats around mean that audiences are treated to never ending thrills as well as catchy and well articulated lyrics. Born in Lagos Island, Nigeria, and raised in Nigeria, Ukraine and Estonia. Now residing in Ireland, Scott Giri is bringing a new formula to the game. His music inspires many to leave their comfort zone and take risks to achieve their goals. He cites Afrobeats, Afropop and various African and western subgenres the pivotal influences in his music. His own sound is an amalgamation of his various influences and ideas and has been coined as the “AfroGiRi Wave”. Scott Giri’s charismatic personality combined with his undeniable skill to deliver bangers has endeared him to audiences across multiple demographics and cultures. Scott will be releasing his latest EP titled “Outsider” on the 7th of July 2022.

It is a body of work that will serenade and blow the minds of listeners. It’s an embodiment of love and passion packaged in refreshing fusions of Afrobeats and Afro Pol. Scott’s ability to constantly surprise people by going in different directions allows him to take listeners on a journey where they can be transported to another place while immersed in the music allowing them to live in the moment.

He will also be dropping the single “Highway”, a collaborative Amapiano song that features the talents of Colexy. Highway is a surefire club banger that will redefine the nightlife scene and be the soundtrack to many fun nights on dancefloors across the globe! Scott’s AfroGiRi Wave is layered with mesmerizing bass lines and groovy melodies and exhibits Scott Giri’s immovable passion to create enjoyable, passionate and timeless music. Scott Giri is here to shape a generation and change lives one song at a time!

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