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Amena is a producer and artist who is collaborating with the legendary Tetsuya Komuro on an NFT project to re-imagine a lot of his impeccable work. TK as Komuro is affectionately referred to, is a Japanese musician, songwriter and record producer who is recognized as the most successful producer in Japanese music history. TK is a pioneer who introduced contemporary electronic dance music to the Japanese mainstream as well shaped the face of J Pop Today. TK Amena also works with Chi4, a Japanese singer songwriter who began her journey covering the songs of the Komuro. TK x Amena NFT is a forward thinking metaverse geared project that embraces the classic catchy ideas of contemporary J-pop and re-imagines those works to create beautiful renditions that are sure to scintillate and stimulate audiences across the world with lush melodies and interwoven and intricate harmonic structures. The songs feature what is described as stem renovation whereby the original synth and stems are re-engineered, remixed into a new work of Art. The songs are performed in various languages with YouTube videos featuring translations. Notable picks so far include songs such as “I’ll be there”, “Ci Siamo Dentro insieme”, and “One World, One Heart”. It’s a very diverse project that is not only daring but brings together artists from all walks of life and across multiple countries and cultures. It’s the kind of forward thinking that the world is ready for, the kind of music collaboration, and creation that will shape a generation.

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