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Mitt Picasso to reshape Destiny

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It’s always a daunting task to be a pioneer and pave the way for an entire generation. But that is exactly what Mitt Picasso is doing! A Tanzanian-American who is telling authentic stories about coming from nothing to making something meaningful with your life! He recently dropped his Debut EP that is filled with stories and experiences that have been condensed into some of the most emotional and captivating indie music currently out there.

His story is one of going against the grain and defining his destiny! Born Mussa Jeylani Mussa, Mitt Picasso is a pseudonym that was born from the core essence of being a resident of Michigan (a Mitten) and Picasso (the greatest artist) thus loosely translating to an innate desire to become the greatest musician to come out of Michigan. Make sure you are following this mercurial talent as he is just getting started!

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