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Hip Hop sensation drops new EP

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They say to dare is to do! Every so often an enigma rises to challenge the status quo of the music industry. Christiana Roverso who dons the moniker of Versoul is a fearless recording artist, vocalist, rapper, producer, audio engineer and trendsetter who cuts across eras with her scintillating vocals and immaculate wordplay that often inspire and motivate audiences. Her ability to switch up her flow, cadence and melodic intervals lead to never ending thrills as well honest and authentic lyricism. Born in San Francisco, California and raised in the Bay Area mainly in San Francisco, Daly City and across the Peninsula, Versoul is an emerging Japanese, Hawaiian, Filipina, Italian, Salvadorian-American artist who is bringing a new formula to the game. Her music can be described as alternative Hip hop with many facets of aesthetic rap where she often uses poetic and and story-oriented bars to turn pain into purpose and make music that is filled with substance and emotive undertones.

As a Queer and Mixed race creator, Versoul’s desire to make music comes from an innate desire to stand up for what is right. She also draws inspiration from her family and loved ones as well as her multi-cultural roots. Her own experiences have been the fuel to her cause as she hopes that by telling her story she can inspire future generations and help others heal and find their path through her music. Formerly known as Babii Cris she released 2 self produced albums and even garnered plaudits from industry peers and audiences alike. She won top 6 at Teambackpack MULA in 2015 and she hosted a showcase dubbed “Unrapped” in 2015, which featured 100 local artists from the Bay Area. She has also performed 4 years back to back at the San Mateo County Fair as well as the San Francisco Pride in 2016. She cites icons such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, André 3000, Alicia Keys, Sade, Usher, Eminem and Missy the pivotal influences in her music. Versoul’s charismatic personality combined with her undeniable skill to deliver unique music in an accessible style has endeared her to audiences across multiple demographics and cultures. She has multiple projects in her catalogue that she mixed, mastered and produced with a notable album and singles captivating and enthralling listeners across the globe. Her ability to constantly surprise people by going in different directions allows Versoul to take listeners on a journey where they can be immersed in the music and live in the moment. Her latest release, an EP titled “Eternal” is a body of work that showcases Versoul’s cold and witty bars as well as her versatility. Her music is layered with mesmerizing punchlines and witty takes on relatable issues that exhibit Versoul’s immovable passion to create meaningful and timeless music. Versoul is here to shape a generation and change lives one song at a time!

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