YOUANDI is “in too heavy” : Netherlands-Based R&B sensation drops new single

YOUANDI is “in too heavy” : Netherlands-Based R&B sensation drops new single post thumbnail image

YOUANDI is a Dutch singer and songwriter with South American Heritage who is etching her name in the R&B, Soul industry. She just released her single titled “in too heavy” that is showcases her ability to write and saaaaaang!!!

“in too heavy” is an R & B /Soul single that will form an anthem on empowering minds . YOUANDI is a self-motivated, and inspired artist who is bringing authentic lyricism, and vulnerability back into the mainstream. It’s a creative single that narrates the tale of falling out of conscious behavioural patterns. It’s a spiritual journey wherein you release and allow you higher consciousness to have a conversation with your ego. It’s a story of learning and growing as your higher self nurtures and teaches your ego.

YOUANDI’s performance is captivating and soulful but also modern and edgy. The single will resonate deeply with audiences as it takes them on a journey where they can relax and be serenaded by YOUANDI’s clean and silky vocals as they are immersed in a one of a kind experience.

YOUANDI will be releasing her debut Album in the very near future which will show off her various sides and range. Listeners will experience various emotions through melodic and artistically story-oriented verses coupled by a catchy and fun hook. The skill in her delivery is undeniable. She pours her heart out in a song and hopes that everyone who listens to her can be immersed in the music unapologetically. Play, Download and stream this banger! YOUANDI is here to change the game

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