Radio Avenir Uncategorized MinΩT¤μГ is set to bring the “The Awakening”

MinΩT¤μГ is set to bring the “The Awakening”

MinΩT¤μГ is set to bring the “The Awakening” post thumbnail image

MinΩT¤μГ pronounced Minatour is an EDM producer who brings together the world of Electronic music as well as fantasy, sci-fi, and religion. He is a fearless creator who has a creativity that knows no bounds and he will be releasing his debut EP titled “The Awakening”

“The Awakening” is the debut EP from the dynamic producer MinΩT¤μГ(Minatour). The EP is the coming together of dark undertones as well as unique vocalizations with bass heavy electronic music to create an ambiance that is captivating and layered with mesmerizing synths and rhythmic melodies. Relaxing yet haunting, this masterpiece is sure to enthrall the earbud of fans of Electronic music and Fantasy. It is a multi-textured combustion of ancient and modern day sounds enveloped in eerie tones and creative composition.

The Awakening is an EP that will take the listener on a spiritual journey that describes the battles between ancient gods and spirits in the spirit realm. It is also an EP that will evoke emotion and have listeners experiencing anger, pain, excitement and determination. It is an EP that will lead one down a path of introspection as they ponder on their own religious beliefs.

MinΩT¤μГ is bringing more than just a different flavor; he is bringing emotive chord progressions and using both tribal and orchestral soundscapes to tell a story. Prepare for a musical adventure the likes of which you have never heard before. Play, Download and stream the first chapter in his story!

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