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Blurring the Lines : My New Normal

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Virginia Native Jay Crockett Coolhandtrew aka Trew is a multi-talented musician, songwriter and actor who is set to drop his latest album dubbed My New Normal. Released by Clocked Out Records, Coolhandtrew’s album will offer a new lens through which we can experience the highs and lows of life! The album drops on December 16 2022 and it draws on alternative Hip hop, Jazz as well as soft and bedroom pop. Trew is blurring the lines of genre and breaking new ground with this banging album.

My New Normal is all about expressing the truths of life with all its ups and downs. The music has well as a beat and a flow that will resonate with so many listeners across multiple demographics. Trew sets himself apart with his unique style which will create a synergy with new and old fans. My New Normal is also an expression of freedom that shows Coolhandtrew’s vulnerability and honesty. Trew’s artistry is engaging with scintillating bars and melodies that will connect deeply with fans of artists such as Anderson paak , Mac Miller , pawpawrod , monsume, ginger root, toro y moi, Nxworries. Camp LoHi. My New Normal is a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to capture the hearts of alternative hip hop lovers.

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