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A Song for the Ages

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Ages is a scintillating Jazz rendition by the father-son Jazz Duo known as PostmodernGypsies. Based in St. Louis, Missouri USA Fred Hilligardt (father) was a songwriter for Motown Records while Adam Hilligardt (son) is half of the Indie Pop Duo, Neil, and Adam.

Ages is a coming together of serene undertones with light drumming to create an ambiance that is captivating and layered with a mesmerizing sax, and piano, embellished by rhythmic melodies. It is relaxing yet energetic, ambient yet majestic this masterpiece is sure to enthrall the earbud of fans of Jazz. It is a multitextured combustion of creativity enveloped in a refreshing but somehow nostalgic sound. PostmodernGypsies are bringing more than just good vibes they are bringing emotive chord progressions and using soundscapes to tell a story

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