Trevor Joseph redefines what it means to be Self Made : Doing it “My Way”

Trevor Joseph redefines what it means to be Self Made : Doing it “My Way” post thumbnail image

Trevor Joseph is a recording artist who is changing the game and showing that his determination knows no bounds.  Trevor is a self-starter who produced, mixed, and did everything on his own EP. The EP is titled “My Way,” and it aims to empower and inspire listeners with its relatable story and diverse, creative sound. The EP reflects Joseph’s never-give-up attitude and is filled with emotion and captivating bars. It encourages listeners to shape their own future

Inspired by artists such as Alicia Keys, M83, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West, he creates authentic and meaningful music that resonates with people from all walks of life. Trevor is completely fearless and simply wants to tell his story, his way unfiltered! A 6-track EP that takes, listeners on a journey through ups and downs with variated beats and flows that bring hard-hitting bars. There is a vulnerability in his writing that makes Trevor’s sound refreshing and unique.

His music is charismatic and melodic, with a flow that is captivating and sprinkled with nostalgia. Stay up to date on his latest projects by signing up for his email list. Visit and sign up for his email list and get updates on his latest projects.

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