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Larkspur Jones tugs on our heartstrings

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Larkspur Jones is a singer, who embodies authenticity and honesty through her music. Born and raised in the US, Larkspur Jones is an indie artist who isn’t afraid to go against the grain and carve out her own sound. She cites icons such as  Just jack, Nina Simone, PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Mathieu Chedid, and Carlie Simon as the pivotal influences in her life. Larkspur Jones sees music as a canvas on which to articulate her thoughts and feelings to create timeless works of art. Drawing from her own experiences, Larkspur Jones’s vocal delivery showcases her vulnerability and versatility which will resonate with listeners across multiple demographics and cultures.

Her debut single “Mourning Morning” evokes emotion and will immerse listeners in a dreamy world of vibey self-introspection. Her voice is smooth and warm with melodic intonations that are accentuated by emotive undertones. It’s music that is fearless, honest, and downright endearing. Larkspur Jones is Currently recording Jazzy/funk rock music to be released in late winter 2023. As an independent artist, her approach is refreshingly unique but still accessible and even though it is in its infancy this Songbird is poised to change the status quo of the industry by capturing meaningful moments in time and pulling at our heartstrings one song at a time! 

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