Birmingham’s finest preps to drop the hottest album of 2023

Birmingham’s finest preps to drop the hottest album of 2023 post thumbnail image

Meet Pepelapooh, one of the OG pioneers in the Birmingham Underground Hip Hop scene. A charismatic rapper and producer who brings a unique blend of hip-hop influences and sounds.Pepelapooh has quickly made a name for himself with his emotive and captivating bars that express who he is.

Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama Pepelapooh found himself in the clutches of the streets and became a high ranking member of the notorious bloodstreet gang known as the bloods. He later turned his life around and found solace in music. Today he mentors youths and artists coming up in the game and teaching them how to be independent and create a career for themselves.

As an artist He cites icons such as Outkast, UGK, and 8Ball MJG as pivotal inspirations. After honing his craft he went on to work with Rochouze Records and he is currently working with AWOL G code. He also founded his own label called Peppyvision and has a team that has collective production team called tracks by the dingbats. Pepelapooh has worked with artist such as Woodlawn and he will be releasing his latest album titled Pepelapooh Da Birmingham Bully which is set to garner critical acclaim, and earn praise for his raw and honest songwriting and delivery.

Pepelapooh is sure to solidify their place as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Follow him on social media for updates on new music and upcoming shows.

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