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Unveiling Balens KLEREDE’s Sonic Universe

Unveiling Balens KLEREDE’s Sonic Universe post thumbnail image

Balens KLEREDE (pronounced: balance clarity) is an artist whose musical evolution is a testament to the dynamic spirit that resides in the heart of South Central LA. Formerly known as STRAINJ, he’s no stranger to the pulse of hip-hop, having dominated the battle rap scenes of the 80s and 90s alongside icons like Kurupt. His journey, however, is not confined to the conventional realms of rap. From collaborating with Afroman and touring over 40 states to delving into spoken word poetry and self-publishing, Balens KLEREDE is a true polymath of the musical arts.


The much-anticipated “SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES” isn’t just an album; it’s an immersive experience crafted with intention and purpose. Independently produced in collaboration with Marty Rogers and DJ S.O.U.L.-O, the album ventures into uncharted territories, blending elements of hip-hop, rock, funk, and blues. Balens KLEREDE’s intricate lyricism takes center stage, steering the narrative through the shadows and silhouettes that define the internal struggle between our lower and higher selves.

A Track-by-Track Exploration

The album unfolds like a compelling novel, each track a chapter in the narrative of self-discovery and societal contemplation.

  • Introduction: A brief prologue that sets the stage for the impending battle of shadows and silhouettes.
  • Scholastic Sabotage: A sharp critique of a system funneling young minds from schools to prisons.
  • The Fruit of Self-Hate: Featuring Eternal Mind and Marty Rogers, this track explores the repercussions of pervasive self-hate.
  • She is So Narcissistic: A mirror held up to the rising energy of narcissism in today’s society.
  • Frozen Foresight: A spoken word poetry piece that ventures into the subconscious, creating a soundscape of pure imagination.
  • RXK: Unmasking the historical corruption of pharmaceutical practices and psychiatry.
  • Religious Amnesty: Uncovering the dark origins of the church and challenging blind adherence to mainstream religious doctrines.
  • Suicidal Solitude: A poignant spoken word track offering a different perspective on contemplating suicide, extending an olive branch of hope.
  • We Forgot How To Cry: Featuring CeCe Rayne and More Bounce, this song reflects on the desensitization to violence in the inner city, urging a rediscovery of empathy.
  • 7 Gates: Featuring Marty Rogers and DJ Soul-O, a reminder of the profound impact of what we intake through our seven gates.

Beyond Boundaries: Balens KLEREDE’s Vision

At 53, Balens KLEREDE isn’t just pushing boundaries; he’s dismantling them. Inspired by the likes of Earth, Wind, and Fire, Curtis Mayfield, and the lyrical prowess of Rakim, he stands as a unique voice in a sea of conformity. “SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES” is not just an album release; it’s a declaration of artistic fearlessness and a commitment to sparking introspection and growth.

Join the Journey

As the release date approaches, anticipation for “SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES” continues to build. This isn’t just an album; it’s an invitation to join Balens KLEREDE on a sonic odyssey through the complexities of the human experience. Mark your calendars for December 22, 2023, and prepare to immerse yourself in a musical universe that transcends genres, challenges norms, and inspires the evolution of mind and spirit.

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