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The Phenoms : Getting Back To Making Real Music

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Introducing the dynamic hip-hop group, The Phenoms, led by founder and CEO, Anthony Vines. Hailing from Fontana, California, this group is set to take the music world by storm with their undeniable talent and authentic sound. The Phenoms are a four-member group consisting of Arod (Rodney), Flazh Gigo (Geron), and the brothers Blackw00d (Eryk) and H.E.F. (Handle Every Fade).

With influences ranging from Wu-Tang to Outkast, and the Migos, The Phenoms bring a unique and versatile sound to the stage. Their music is a reflection of their life experiences, as they represent the voice of the overlooked. The trio of Handle Every Fade, Arod, and Flazh Gigo represent the Inland Empire and have grown together to chase their dreams.

Their music has already garnered attention from notable artists, such as M-16 The Great, Bernvrd, and many more. The Phenoms’ message is clear: “Be the wave, don’t worry about the flow.” Their music is a call to action, an invitation to ride the wave of their artistry and embrace the journey with them.

The Phenoms are set to make a splash at the Kushstock Festival in Adelanto, California on April 15th, 2023. With their energetic and captivating performances, they promise an authentic experience that is sure to leave audiences wanting more. This is just the beginning for The Phenoms, and their fans can expect nothing less than excellence as they continue to take the music world by storm. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases, and be sure to catch them live at their next show.

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